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"It is not the happy or tragic role that makes the difference between actors, but the way the role is played."

- Rodney Collin


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Those of us who are centered in the head type area of the enneagram of personality types do not think any more clearly than any other type not centered there.  In fact, the head types (those repressented by numbers 5, 6, and 7) have some of the wooliest thinking around, as evidenced by the doubt and indecision that almost continually straddles our thoughts.

When it is said to us that we are centered in the head, a useful way of seeing this is to begin to observe how energy automatically gravitates to the head.  Likewise with the gut types (types 8, 9 and 1) and the heart types (types 2, 3 and 4) their center of gravity is in the gut and heart respectively.  Head, heart or gut: each of us is centered predominantly in one of these three centers and the energy in us gravitates mechanically to that point.

When we fall asleep to ourselves, any energy that we have gained through rest or through efforts made will flow automatically to our particular center of gravity unless we intervene.  At this point (which is, by the way, where we need to self-remember) we can profit by attempting to direct that energy into all three centers.  When we do not make the effort of a three centered action willingly, the energy falls to the usual mechanical point and is soon stolen by whatever stray "I" happens to be in the neighborhood at that moment.  And soon we find ourselves in some form of our feature-- anger or fear or lust or whatever happens to be one of our usual, habitual numbers.

This matter of making the effort of directing the energy into all three centers is not a matter of "succeeding".  It is a matter of becoming aware of the energy we have and attempting to move to the other centers.  It is a matter of making the effort.  Forget about perfection or doing it "right".  We can just make the effort.  Intelligence comes with practice.  The Work says :  "No effort is wasted."  How often do we remember this?

For me, as a type 6, the question is first how can I move into my gut willingly?  From the gut my heart is more easily accessed.  Once my heart is accessed  my thinking clears up.  In some small degree, all three centers are now on the same channel, so any decision or action taken is done so from a more real part of myself.

When the voices start feeding on my energy, when the chatter begins to buzz and flutter in my head, when the doubt and the "on-the-one-hand-but-then-on-the-other-hand" stuff starts grinding, it is time for me to go "down and in".  It is time to breathe deep into the belly and bring my attention inside myself.  It is also the time when the doubt speaks the loudest-- the doubt that says I can't do it.  This is where the amnesia is the thickest-- the amnesia that fogs me away from remembering the times I have been able, with and without outside help, to move down and in willingly.  And I don't have to do it "right" or "pretty" or "nice".

When we find ourselves mired in whatever center we go to automatically, if we wish to awaken, we need to make a Work effort.