Journey to Essence is dedicated to

G. Michael Barnett

Our beloved teacher, friend, and Fellow Traveler
on our journey toward transformation


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Gaining Force

Taking in Impressions

How We Define Ourselves

Uncritical Self-Observation

The Fourth Way

To The Memory of My Teacher

States and Events

Working with Others

Slice of a One-Centered Life

Three Centers for a Balanced Life

The Question is the Answer

Negative Emotions

Inner Talking

Law of Seven

Peace Be With You, A Teaching Story

Thinking In a New Way

The Beginning of Real Change

What Do We Say When We Talk to Ourselves?

Multiplicity of "I's"


The Law of Three

The Value of Not Identifying

The Illusion of "I" in Ourselves

A New Year, A New Beginning

The Value of Aim


The Great Depression and Ways to Work with It

Where Our Energy Comes From

Know Thyself

The Meaning of the Work in My Life

How Do We Lose Energy?

A Work Idea: Internal Considering

Seven Reflections on the New Year

The Ocean


The Will to Heal, Part 1

The Will to Heal, Part 2

The Will to Heal, Part 3

Cultivating a Wellness Attitude

Reflections on Healing

To Breathe or Not To Breathe

Making Use of the Enneagram of
Personality Types

The Enneagram of Personality Types:
A Tool for Self-Healing

Doubting Mind: The Negative Side of Type Six

Exploring Type Nine, the Mediator

Enneagram Type Three and Anxiety

Renewal: The Jewish Perspective

A Mother Says Goodbye to Her Children's Childhood

Beginning the Movements

Work on Oneself