"The point is to reestablish what has been lost, not to acquire anything new. This is the purpose of development.
For this one must learn to discriminate between essence and personality, and to separate them. When you have
learned to do this you will see what to change and how. Meantime you have only one possibility — to study."

— G.I. Gurdjieff

Study Groups

Study groups are available in Phoenix, Denver,
and Tampa,
for those interested in finding out
more about the Fourth Way ideas, or for those
wishing to expand their current knowledge.

However, aside from assisting in one's quest for
knowledge of the esoteric, group work also provides
an opportunity for growth of Being, as working with
others allows one to put these ideas into practice.
Fellow students can offer much "food for Work"to
each other, that is nearly impossible to give to oneself.
Such as "shocks", "photographs", and valuable, objective
insights. Not to mention the sharing of what has been
learned from one's own work.

Through active participation in a group, work on oneself
is enhanced, and thus more effective than if one were to
traverse the path alone.

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From time to time, there will also be classes and workshops listed here for the cities mentioned above. Please check back often.